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Grass-fed and Finished All Beef Pepperettes - Original - 10 pack

Grass-fed and Finished All Beef Pepperettes - Original - 10 pack

10 pepperettes - 210 g

Great for a healthy snack in your kid's lunch or for a road trip.

The pepperettes are made with 100% grassfed and finished beef raised on our farm.  The products are shelf stable, fermented and dry cured, and are made without fillers or binders.  All products are are gluten, dairy, artificial nitrate and dye free.

These pepperettes differ from our mild and hot varieties because they are made without pepperette seasoning.  They have the exact same ingredients as our summer sausage and are made specifically for those who follow an autoimmune protocol the avoids seasonings - also for those who love our summer sausage!

The meat is processed by a local Mennonite that has been certified by OMAFRA and the CFIA. The taste is different than most other products on the market because it's all beef and very little else (see ingredients below).


100% grassfed and finished beef, maple syrup, cultured celery juice powder, sea salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic, starter culture, wood smoke