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Chicken Soup Bones

Chicken Soup Bones

2 carcasses per package - 3 lbs average
$2.99 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Chicken soup bones are perfect for making bone broth. Using chicken soup bones, veggies like celery, onion and carrot and some spices will create a flavorful broth.

The result won't be the same thing as stock. Broths are more nutrient-rich than stocks because the bones simmer for longer, which deposits more nutrients and minerals into the broth. 

To create a broth at home, put your chicken soup bones into a large pot with vegetables like celery or carrot and aromatic herbs like parsley or thyme. Then, you can add water to the top and let it simmer for about 20 hours. You can use this broth in soups, or you can drink it as it is. Either way, you'll get to enjoy all of the nutrients and health benefits that it provides.

Like the rest of our products our chicken is raised on pasture where they get new grass every day.  They are fed a non GMO feed (in addition to the grass and bugs they find on pasture) and are raised without hormones, sterioids, antibotics or other additives in their feed.