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Grassfed and Finished 1/4 Beef

Grassfed and Finished 1/4 Beef

100 - 110 lbs of grassfed beef based on your cut selections

Create a custom 1/4 beef order and fill your freezer with nutritious grassfed beef!

A 1/4 beef will provide 100 - 110 lbs of meat (depending on your selections (i.e. if you choose more of the off-cuts like organs and bones you will receive more total weight)).

After you make your order we will send you a cut sheet for you to fill out, which will inform us how to pack your order.  You will receive an equivalent of a 1/4 from our inventory based on your selections. If you have any questions about how to fill out the cut sheet or would like recommendations, please send an email to or call us and we would be happy to help.