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1/2 or Whole Pig Custom Order

1/2 or Whole Pig Custom Order

Custom order a 1/2 or whole pig and have it processed based on your preferences - $150 down payment
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Ordering the old fashioned way!  And most economical way too!

You can order your own 1/2 or whole pig to be processed based on a cut sheet that you provide to the butcher (once you make the order, we will send you a cut sheet and help you fill it out if needed).  This way you get exactly the cuts you want (number of roasts vs. Chops, thickness of chops, types of sausage, etc.) and the packaging you want (you can select between vaccuum packed and paper wrapped).

There is a $150 down payment for this option and once we know the weight of your pig we will bill you the remainder.  The cost for a 1/2 pig is $4.25/lbs and a whole pig is $4.15/lbs (on a hanging weight basis).  Each 1/2 pig will be between 100 - 150 lbs.

NOTE:  You can specify if you would prefer a smaller or larger animal.  Approximately 75% of the hanging weight will be translated into the meat you receive (for example, if the hanging weight of your 1/2 pig is 100 lbs you can expect approximately 75 lbs of meat).

Once we receive your order we will be in touch with our custom cut sheet and to let you know when your 1/2 or whole pig will be ready!

If you have any questions about how this process works please reach out by email -