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Campfire Coffee Tallow Coffee Scrub - Grainy

Campfire Coffee Tallow Coffee Scrub - Grainy

8 oz glass jar

Nourishing tallow based scrub that removes dead skin cells and dirt while supporting your skin microbiome. Simple quality ingredients, hand crafted, small batch.

Made with 100% grass-fed and finished, vitamin-rich beef tallow helping to soothe and moisturize dry skin. It also helps with acne, reduces scars and the appearance of wrinkles.

This scrub does not include essential oils, suitable for sensitive of skin.

The Tallow Coffee Scrub comes in both “Creamy“ and “Grainy” texture.

The creamy version has less coffee grains and more tallow/jojoba oil. Fluffy and luxurious to apply. More gentle than our grainy version and better for using on the face but can also be used on the body.

CAUTION: Please be cautious when using tallow coffee scrub in bathtub as the scrub can make surfaces slippery.


100% grass-fed/finished tallow, organic fair trade coffee, organic sugar, organic jojoba oil.