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10 Pack Whole Chicken Bundle (6-8 lbs chickens)

10 Pack Whole Chicken Bundle (6-8 lbs chickens)

6-8 lbs avg/bird

Bulk Discount

Save $0.80 /lb.
$5.59 /lb.
$6.39 /lb.
Avg. 70 lb.

A customer favourite as it is a great staple for families wanting to eat healthy and save money.  You can often get two or three meals from a whole chicken - 1) your initial meal, 2) left overs the next day and 3) soup from the left over bones.

Like the rest of our products our chicken is raised on pasture where they get new grass every day.  They are fed a non GMO feed (in addition to the grass and bugs they find on pasture) and are raised without hormones, sterioids, antibotics or other additives in their feed.