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Springhills Fish - Barramundi

Springhills Fish - Barramundi

Each fillet is approx. 0.65 lbs
$24.99/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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Barramundi, sometimes called Australian sea bass, is raised at an indoor sustainable farm near London, Ontario. Every healthy and delicious fillet is individually vacuum-sealed, deboned and frozen at peak freshness.

Barramundi’s clean, buttery flavour and meaty texture appeals to just about everyone — even non-fish lovers call it a favourite! With a similar taste to halibut and grouper, it’s a sustainable substitute to some of the most overfished whitefish. It’s also packed with omega-3 fats.

This barramundi was raised at Sandplains Aquaculture, which is an indoor tropical fish farm in Mossley, Ontario. Sandplains raises both barramundi and tilapia in a closed-loop system that filters and recirculates all their water. Their fish are all Ocean Wise Recommended for sustainability.

They humanely harvest, fillet, vacuum-seal and freeze all within a day, which locks in every bit of freshness into your fillets. They will keep up to 12 months in your freezer.

Springhills is a second-generation family business run by siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor. We grow rainbow trout, Arctic char and coho salmon, and also partner with independently-owned businesses to bring you an even wider variety of Ontario fish.